Energy Efficiency is a decades-old initiative that is inclusive of everything from lighting retrofits to Energy Star appliances. While Energy (kWh) efficiency remains a noble objective, the low hanging fruits have been quickly expended.

The next wave of innovation will come from Power (kW) Efficiency solutions, and Green Charge Networks (GCN) is pioneering this $100B+ marketplace with its GreenStation offering, made possible by 3+ years of R&D with DOE and electric utilities in this country.

The foundational and innovative technology from GCN is protected with 30+ patents pending and it is our intention to reap the societal benefits in the U.S, including manufacturing and job growth.

By leveling peak power demands through energy storage on the customer's side of the meter and increasing POWER EFFICIENCY, everyone wins - commercial businesses (reduced demand charges; no behavioral modifications required), utility (less capital expenditures for service upgrades & power plants), renewable adoption (energy storage buffering intermittent PV or wind generation), and the public (reduced dirty peaker plants usage and greenhouse gas).

GreenStations have been installed and piloted in multiple locations throughout New York City. The root technology is a smart controller with sophisticated software that monitors facility loads on a second-by-second basis. The stochastic software embedded in the controller takes into account historical data as well as the real-time operating environment at the facility to make predictive energy storage charge / discharge decisions and exactly offset the peaks and valleys.

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