Power efficiency is the new energy efficiencyGreen Charge Networks is introducing the world's first commercial demand charge reduction battery system called GreenStation to help commercial and industrial electric ratepayers to save on their monthly bills.

The GreenStation works just like a micro-scale peaker plant using lithium ion batteries. During high peak demand times, utilities charge a premium (per kW) called "demand charges." These charges get added to the energy portion (per kWh) of a customer's total electricity bill. GreenStation pumps out energy during the spikes in energy consumption and recharges during the lulls. Unlike utility-scale peaker plants, which are dirty, petroleum-based sources, GreenStation uses an advanced energy storage medium that is clean, green, environmentally-friendly, and far less expensive.

Demand charges are becoming a substantial portion of electric ratepayers' bills, sometimes as high as 70% of the overall monthly bill, depending on the loading pattern. Meanwhile, the fees assessed on demand charges in $ / kW have been dramatically rising in the more expensive markets by 10+% per year over the past 5 years.  GreenStation is the first commercial offering to target this challenge.

We offer our product through a Power Efficiency Agreement℠ or PEA℠, to eliminate the upfront cost burden and to deliver pay-for-performance on demand reduction. 



Save on your utility bill through energy storage In the solar PV industry, to get the best return on investment on an installation, you have to control the tarriff schedule that the customer is on.

Energy storage can help!

By shaving off the top of the highest demand peaks, batteries can keep the customer's peak demand usage under a certain threshold (e.g., 20 kW, 200 kW, 500 kW, depending on what rate the customer is on) to allow solar developers and integrators to install solar PV on the best possible rate for the customer, giving them the best ROI for the solar PV system.

By installing a battery, and getting the customer onto the "solar-friendly" utility rate schedule, the total system not only gets favorable tariff rates, but it reduces energy usage (kWh) as well as demand charges (kW). Ask us about our PEA℠ pay-for-performance structure to complement solar PPA.


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  • Reduces energy costs without behavior modifications
  • Accommodate EVSEs without utility infrastructure upgrades
  • Renewable energy integration
  • Automated demand response
  • Centralized energy management console
GreenStation™ provides green energy solutions including automated smart systems for optimizing energy efficiency, storage of solar and other renewable energy, distributed generation, and EV Charging.

GreenStation™ is installed behind-the-meter by commercial & industrial businesses who pay too much on demand charges. GreenStation dampens the facility's load profile during periods of peak demand. This avoid usage peaks that cause expensive charges on the monthly electricity bill.


  • Analysis and data mining of existing data sets
  • Predictive analysis to know what's coming and react now
  • Use utility assets to maximum efficiency
  • Reduce long-term need for capital investments
GCN GridSynergy™ Management System Green Charge Networks provides business intelligence tools for utilities to manage and visualize data from smart grid assets, such as smart meters, electric vehicle chargers and home area networks. The system enables management and optimization of operational performance to achieve a state of management excellence.

The software was built in collaboration with ConEdison of New York's R&D and GridSynergy teams, as part of $93M Department of Energy project. It provides access to information and performance monitoring from multiple grid assets and combines data into a single browser-based experience. With instant monitoring, the system alerts the operator of potential and current problems, prioritizes events and suggests a set of solutions to rectify and/or prevent the issue.

Once a problem has been identified, GCN's system allows the operator to automatically curtail loads in a specific location. This quick response capability saves both time and money.