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Upgrade to Intelligent Energy Storage: Next Frontier in Savings

An energy storage appliance for commercial/industrial customers with less than 5 years payback

Controlled by sophisticated software algorithms that predict and counteract power peaks second-by-second

Focus on power demand (kW), not energy arbitrage (kWh)

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Commercial & Retail

In the past decade, commercial businesses have implemented

 a range of energy efficiency measures. The goal behind these initiatives is a reduction in energy, measured in kWh. While these initiatives have certainly been successful, the easy ones have long been implemented, leaving more expensive and complex solutions to generate further savings. But ultimately these measures don't tackle rapidly rising demand charges, measured in power and kW - the other significant cost component of commercial ratepayers' electric bills.

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Download Free Case Study

Read how electric utilities can use software to meet growing demand, while saving significantly.

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Industrial Facilities

Electric ratepayers with spiky power profiles

Electric ratepayers with spiky power profiles from large HVAC, refrigeration, and motor loads are paying upwards of 70% in demand charges on their summer monthly bills. Utilities have been drastically increasing demand rates, measured in $/kW, over the past 5 years.

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What Are Demand Charges?

Learn more about “the other” cost component of commercial energy bills.

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